Aatmanusandhan Shraman Public Health

Aatmanusandhan Shraman Public Health Awareness among all villagers especially school children and communities.

Public awareness programme with Shraman Tradition in the various school children of many villages with ancient nonviolent cultural concepts through padyatra (walking) (With almost approximate 500 plus people).
Knowledge related to fight malnutrition (physical ) and to improve mental health through self positive thinking and workup
And Many More... 

We are serving districts of Gujarat. We have ability to serve all over republic of india. We have capacity to make teams to deliver our ideas at ground level.

Most Programmes running in Winter and Summer. For Monsoon we have different strategy to deliver our projects.

We have made 27 days long journey in this january and february month 2019.

Our project to involve Yuvas ( Youngsters with training sessions ), we are now preparing for 6 days programmes (2 days in one village concept).


Aatmanusandhan foundation is an Ahmedabad (Gujarat State) , Republic of India based charitable & non profit 80G certified organisation providing educational, healthcare, animal & bird prevention, nature preservation, disaster recovery planning & many other society improvement support.

Our aim is to make this a better world. Change is what we try to bring by giving selfless helping hand to the people and any other living-being who need prevention & preservation.

Our approach is simple, healing with love & compassion. Come join us in our journey 




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